Sunday, December 31, 2017

This Year is Coming to an End 2017!

 The year is coming to an end and I want to leave this year off with an important message to you. Whether you are Muslim or non-muslim come closer to Allah. Allah is the only source that you need. You do not need a middleman or some priest or pastor to be in between you and God. I want to leave you with this message as the year ends Allah never asked you to be perfect. He asked you to worship Him, to worship only him, and to believe in the final revelation. It's clearly that simple. What is also important is that this year is gone. It is never coming back again and in this time I call you to remember Allah. Even if you are not Muslim remember this name Allah. Call it when you're happy when you're sad and when everything in life is going well or going terrible. Call this name Allah. Maybe by the end of 2018 you'll find yourself in a different form of energy and a different level of Consciousness and you'll come back to this post. The new year is starting the year of 2018. I haven't posted for the whole year my life has been anything but perfect. But I have so many blessings in my life one of those blessings is to be able to give you this message. Another Blessing is it in my heart as I'm delivering this message I feel you. I feel as if I am there with you. I feel the void. I remember the happy moments. I remember the childhood. I feel the yearning. I feel the hopelessness. I feel you. And this year knowing that someone, even a stranger, is up late at night wanting for your happiness. Yearning the void to end. Hugging and embracing you as you are in this moment. And seeing everything that you will be but you just have to keep going. Grow learn develop love remove all complaints change your environment say the word Allah as many times a day as you can and see your life change. And if after that change you want to come into Islam come but remember that no one is perfect except Allah. Call on this name knowing that you are loved. This is my message for the year 2017 the word for 2018 is Allah.

Finally halal food!

 after being in a city with a limited Muslim population and a limited amount of cook Halal restaurants I was able to finally get some halal food. I spent the time in Florida and it is a beautiful place. The people are super friendly the weather is mostly wonderful and the beaches are breathtaking. I thank Allah for the strength and the courage to come and start here. In Texas there is an abundant source of Halal food in certain cities. I honestly miss that. This was a gyro that cost around $9. And a chicken kabob with rice tabouli salad for around $9 also. We also got some very delicious mix soup we mix four types of soups together and ate them and the soup cost $3. It was amazing because after so long of eating mostly vegetarian diet which of course I love and appreciate I wanted some meat. It was yummy and some of the best garlic tahini sauce that I ever taste in the United States.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Be the change

I have never been the one to think that all things are simple, so I knew this would be a change. Without all the pain and suffering of the past experience, who could I be true to my core self. I found that there are many layers and walk that have been put up for years without a clear way to dissolve them. The girl that I remember was pure and loving heart, that had no color or boundaries for who or what to love and embrace. The animals, the tree, the injured snail or damaged any. I wanted good and cared for all. The suffering of the earth was my own and I carried it for a long time. But the damage of the masses can be overwhelming and many of us to do have the strength to see that all along we were right in our true forms. Our loving truest selves. 

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Homemade Pizza Zabiha Beef with Roasted Garlic

I love homemade pizza this is simple with plain white flour and cheese and topping of your choice

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Saudi Kabas Rice! Walima Nikaah

 Tasty Rice that was order from a local restaurant for walima Amazing taste, Fresh Meat.

 The Lamb was so tender.


Hello lovely wives, I am sorry for my very long absences. I have missed everyone, thank you for checking out my blog. 
I have left the country and traveled, I have been to Qatar, Saudi, and I have moved. Love you all