Award for best housewife goes to . . .

Myself!!!And You! You are Awesome and Doing the Best you Can! But you can, like me Do Better! So much Better and this blog will show you how!

Super lovely housewives is not just for housewives it is for anyone that has had to start from the very bottom, or most basic details in life, before reaching the top and becoming a master.

Master your imperfections and change them to your idea of the perfect person you would like to be.

 This occupation involves all the basic skills any person, woman or man, should have such as: time/management skills, organization and cleaning skills, basic grooming and cooking skills, and social skills. Of course love and care for your spouse and family and friends/community. 

Cooking dream dish with love and care and having a display of womanly virtue and skills:

Never look back and keep moving forward. Stay Positive and became the person you dream of being. Bring forth all the love in your heart and pour it out into this world to overcome any adversity.

You are going to achieve your good, and I hope I am there to help you!