Al Hamra Perfume By Arabian Oud

Al Hamra By Arabian Oud
Description :
Top Note: Apple Blossom
Middle Note: Rose, Jasmine, Lilac
Base Note: Himalayan Balsam Flower, Musk
This perfume is my Dear Husbands favorite. I have never detected the apple blossom scent, but always the Rose, lilac, and musk. Hint of jasmine after the scent has settled down. Besides it beautiful appearance, it is another natural scent from Arabian Oud that smells wonderful.  Just one or two sprays is long lasting.
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 The first photos is from my personal collection. I have also had this perfume for more than one year, and I still have enough for another 3-6 months. To open just pull the top directly up. Many people try twisting the top off, so it can be confusing. Even after this bottle is empty I plan to keep it for a long time if not forever it is exquisite and elegant. Often is the first to get my friends or family attentions. It is heavy bottle, but well made.
Al Hamra is expensive, but remember Arabian Oud Perfumes are natural. Cost is around $100+.

Again Arabian Oud has beautiful boxes to come with their amazing perfumes.
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Consider adding it to your collection of perfumes you may enjoy this sweet rose fragrance.