Easy Pakistani Chicken Corn Soup

My Visit to Lahore Fort, Lahore Pakistan
My chicken corn soup. Yummy!
Chicken Corn Soup Recipe Here 

Half of chicken with bones
2 eggs
Hot boiling water
2 1/2 tsp salt or salt to taste
1 1/2 chinese salt, MSG which I do not have and I did not use****
1 Can of Whole corn 
Corn Flour and  1/2 water mix together 
*** I believe she add one package, but I just do it slowly. Slowly add the corn flour and wait atleast 1 minute to see how thick it becomes, do not add all at once just add very slowly and come back after a few minutes, you do not want it to be too thick****

  1. Take boiling hot water and add the chicken and salt
  2. Boil the chicken until cooked or slightly cook about 10 minutes in pressure cooker
  3. Remove the chicken and let cool down
  4. After the chicken is cooled enough then remove from the bone and break into small pieces add it too the boiling water
  5. You can choose to keep the corn whole or blend it I have done both ways, My husband likes it whole
  6. Add the corn to water with chicken and mix
  7. Take two eggs and mix together yoke and egg white and slowly mix into soup, with chicken and corn
  8. Let it cook and thicken
  9. Congrats Your Pakistani Chicken Corn Soup is Ready to Serve!
****Remember to taste it once the chicken is cook, Keep tasting your food, add salt to your taste****

For the green chilies, cut them and take out the seeds if you choose. Allow them to sit in white vinegar at least a night before you cook your soup. I do not eat my soup with vinegar but my Husband does. I did not make the red chili sauce but you can. 

This is a simple, easy, super delicious recipe!