Yes! Stack up on spices! Spices, even the ones in boxes are your new best friend. They are your companion and challenge in your life as a wife or a homemaker. Even if your not married and just want to be an awesome cook. Stack up on spices.

Do not be afraid of spices you have never heard of or even tasted. Make this part of your new journey and adventure. This is Wonderful advantage to your cooking.

There was a time when I did not know what to do with cumin. Wow what a lose! It would just sit in the cabinet for months if not years untouched. Cumin has so many health benefits but it also adds diverse and new flavor to a dish.

Just wait till I share my rice recipes!

*Please check out my list of spices and download the FREE LIST!
*If your single or have a small family and want to save some money, start at your local dollar store. See what spices are available and make a list.
* I set a goal of about $30 a month on spices till I purchased all the spices I wanted for my cooking.
*Boxed Indian/Pakistani spices can help save a lot of money and last a long time.

***Best Best Best thing of all***
Many of these spices can be used for Desi( Pakistani, Indian), Middle Eastern, African, and so much more!!

Check out the free list share with family and friends and enjoy!!