Finally halal food!

 after being in a city with a limited Muslim population and a limited amount of cook Halal restaurants I was able to finally get some halal food. I spent the time in Florida and it is a beautiful place. The people are super friendly the weather is mostly wonderful and the beaches are breathtaking. I thank Allah for the strength and the courage to come and start here. In Texas there is an abundant source of Halal food in certain cities. I honestly miss that. This was a gyro that cost around $9. And a chicken kabob with rice tabouli salad for around $9 also. We also got some very delicious mix soup we mix four types of soups together and ate them and the soup cost $3. It was amazing because after so long of eating mostly vegetarian diet which of course I love and appreciate I wanted some meat. It was yummy and some of the best garlic tahini sauce that I ever taste in the United States.