50 Beauty Affirmations

Affirmations to bring more beauty into your life.

Beauty can radiate from inner peace and self love.  Each affirmation is designed to increase inner peace, beauty, love and self respect. Choose the affirmation that creates the most feelings, repeat as many times as you like; 100 times daily is ideal. Use a mirror if possible.
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1.  I am beautiful.

2. My environment radiates beauty.

3.  I have a loving and welcoming smile.

4. My body is gift and I cherish it daily.

5. I have pure love for myself.

6. The universe is creating experiences that enhance my beauty within.

7. My skin is healthy and glowing.

8.  I am the person I desire to be.

9. I am awake, aware, and alive.

10. I am good.

11. My hair is healthy and beautiful.

12. I am admired by all those around me.

13. Love is created wherever I am.

14. I am Me.

15. The clothing I wear reflects my beauty and creativity.

16. My home is clean and balanced.

17. I care for my appearance.

18. I am wonderful.

19. My walk is elegant and graceful.

20. I have a beautiful voice.

21. I desire beauty for myself.

22. I desire beauty for all beings on this Earth.

23. I mediate for the success of others.

24. My mind is relaxed and I think clearly.

25. My time is precious and I use it wisely.

26. I have friends that complement my beauty with their positive energy.

27. I seek beneficial knowledge daily.

28. My body omits sweet fragrances and smell.

29. I am clean.

30. All the food I consume nourishes my beautiful body.

31. Whatever good comes to me big or small I take time to express gratitude for that good.

32. Each breath I take prolongs my vibrant life.

33. God created me perfect; therefore I am perfect in my own unique way.

34. I compliment others on their success.

35. I support my dreams with good words and positive thinking.

36. I support the dreams of my family and friends with positive energy.

37. I listen to music that uplifts my spirits. 

38. I enjoy my life each and every day.

39. I tell others they are beautiful.

40. I send love to all the children in this world.

41. I love my inner child.

42. I value all positive and negatives experiences in my life.

43. I honor and respect my elders.

44. I have self respect.

45. I have dignity.

46. I honor my body.

47. I have healthy beautiful nails.

48.  I am beautiful, graceful, and elegant.

49. I love my kindness.

50. These affirmations work for me.