A Life Without Perfumes. . .

(Copyright Superlovelyhousewives 2012)
Is not much of a life.  At least if you are a woman. I did not wear perfumes till after I was married.


    I had the worst allergies in the world. Each time I passed through Macy's, Dillard's, JCPenny's, or any department store perfume section I would directly began to sneeze.  My eyes would become red and I could never be near so much perfume. So from a very young age, I made perfumes one of my worst enemies, that included body sprays or any bodily spray on scents.

    When I passed by a sales woman give samples I would avoid eye contact. If they asked me if I would like to try a sample I would quickly shout "No thank you!".  Being in a department store was like being on edge because of my allergies. 
    Then one day I married, and my husband loved perfumed.  I quickly told him, " I have allergies, I don't wear perfume".  His reply was very loving.  He encouraged me positively to please go shopping and buy some perfumes. I give in and went to a perfume wholesale district in my city.  I spent several hours shopping for perfumes and sneezing, but it was not so bad.  What I learned was that it was not impossible.  I enjoyed myself so much.  There was this feeling of being womanly and sophisticated.  I felt married, and older. But most importantly I started to feel a since of beauty and even honor. 
   Soon my perfume grow to a small collection, and it they became a part of my identity.  When I looked at them and smelt them it was so much joy. They created a feeling of elegance that I did not know existed. 

    My collected of perfume is not huge, but I love it and always look for me enjoyable scents. 

I rarely sneeze any more when I spray my perfumes or go into the department stores. I currently own about fourteen different types of perfumes.
    I will be doing reviews on perfumes I own, and the ones I have used in the past.  I am not an expert, but I enjoy sharing my love and passion for perfumes.
    The best thing is that I have shared my love and spread to other members of my family.  If you are not owning any perfumes please go out and try some and buy some.  They are wonderful to have and spice to life.